Success Stories


- Michael Serwa, High-end Life Coach, Speaker & Author

"As life coach and public speaker, my communication skills are an extremely important asset. I'm often invited to speak about success and personal development, and I coach high-income earners and powerful influencers, so I needed to make sure that I can communicate in the most effective and confident way possible. Tamara has been such a great and patient tutor, and she helped me develop my skills to the level I needed it to be. Her knowledge about accents is not only practical, but also conceptual, and it helped me understand where my weaknesses were, and exactly how I could improve them.

I invest a lot in my own personal development, and having Tamara tutor me was definitely a worthwhile investment."


- Daria Badeeva, interpreter

"Pronunciation is a very important aspect that to a great extent defines how well we speak a foreign language. It is the first essential thing that forms the first impression when you start speaking. The good thing about pronunciation skills is that they can be improved and this is exactly what happened to me at our classes with Tamara Prokofyeva when I was a first year student at Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia). She always explained every detail about all the sounds, their specific features and the way they should be pronounced. At our lessons we practiced extensively with various materials and recordings. I absolutely owe it to these lessons that my pronunciation greatly improved and allowed me among other things to eventually become an interpreter."


- Vasiliy, language student

"Last year, when I was doing a course of English in London, I found out that my pronunciation was not improving in any noticeable way. English schools are focused more on basic things like your ability to understand and to express yourself, rather than on doing it in a perfectly correct way. So I was looking for an additional course to support the main one, and in the end I stuck to the one-to-one course provided by Tamara Prokofyeva of Online London Tutors. When it comes to pronunciation, it seems that classical format of mid-size groups does not work well. You need a teacher who is going to pay a lot of attention to your individual situation (it depends on your mother tongue, your ability to mimic sounds of other language etc.). Right after a few lessons I discovered a whole new world of sounds and hidden aspects of spoken British English, which you would never notice on your own. I continue to study with Tamara even after finishing my course at language school, and I would definitely recommend her as a highly competent accent coach."


- Aleksei, Marketing professional

"Unfortunately, I bumped into Tamara’s service a bit late, I wish I knew about it right after coming to the UK for my studies. Honestly, my «Russian English’ sounded awful, and only after starting classes with Tamara I realized how bad the situation was and how tolerant were those British people who stoically were enduring the ordeal of listening to me:) Speaking seriously, Tamara’s course is not only about correcting an accent, it is also about proper pronunciation, stress, modulation etc. All these factors do matter! All in all, if you are a foreigner who recently moved to the UK, and your professional ambitions lie in native-English speaking environment — this course is a must."

- Ekaterina, Marketing professional 

"Tamara was my first teacher at Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia) where I studied English philology, translation and interpreting for five years. Her course was called English Phonetics and she introduced us to the whole new world of correct pronunciation of English words that we had not studied in much detail at high school before. She is very precise and has an absolute ear for sounds and managed to teach us to recognise and hear short and long English sounds, opened and closed phonemes and diphthongs. I highly appreciate her course as after coming to London to do a Master's course at a UK university I felt quite confident speaking English and making presentations in front of an audience of 100+ people. I would strongly recommend her course to all the people who would like to sound like native speakers." 


- Anna, Teacher of English 

"I met Tamara at Saint-Petersburg State University when I was doing my first year as a linguist. Her course in phonetics was a compulsory subject and the very beginning of a 5-year-long journey, and upon its completion I became an interpreter and an English teacher myself. This course was very well designed and organized, and I must say Tamara was a highly professional teacher, passionate about explaining the difference between similar sounds and intonations in a lot of details. She took time for everybody to practice each sound and intonation pattern separately, patiently helping us to develop better speaking skills. This course laid the foundation of my future success in becoming a professional teacher of English in Australia. I would absolutely recommend to take this course to all students, from beginners to advanced level, as it will highly benefit your studies or career. "